Established in 1941 and headquartered in Renens, Switzerland, TESA SA manufactures and markets precision measuring instruments that stand for quality, reliability and longevity.

For more than 70 years, TESA has distinguished itself in the market through its excellent products, its unique expertise in micromechanics and precision machining as well as its proven experience in dimensional metrology.


Digital Calipers IP67 & IP40

Welcome to the next generation of Brown & Sharpe electronic calipers, with the highest degree of protection ever offered. Resistant to the penetration of liquids and particles of metal or other materials. The TWIN-CAL are all equipped with the unique integral data output TLC (TESA Link Connector), providing the opportunity to upgrade at any time.

2D Digital Height Gauges / Micro Hite 350 / 600 / 900

These motorised 2D height gauges are the most precise and powerful in the TESA product range. They feature advanced functions such as statistical analysis, programming etc. They are the only height gauges on the market guaranteeing frontal as well as lateral perpendicularity (which can be measured with the option IG13). Unlike the instruments of other manufacturers, TESA height gauges are automatically delivered with a SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) certificate, which is a guarantee of expertise and optimal stability and longevity.

Display unit TWIN-T10, 1 probe input

The TESA TWIN-T10 offers excellent readability of the analogue and digital indication: the special form of the analogue scale enables a detailed visualization of micro variations. The high-contrast display and the large numbers of the digital indication contribute to an unequivocal, immediate and clear reading by the operator. This instrument is the perfect tool for measuring form and orientation tolerances during assembly in workshops, on workstations of a production line or on a machine on the shop floor.


TESA UNIMASTER Universal Measuring Instrument’s durable construction is designed for the direct measurement of especially large internal and external dimensions. It is an accurate easy-to-handle instrumemt that can be positioned horizontally or vertically while maintaining a constant measuring force. An integrated makes it easy to view the culmination point.

Standard Measuring Probes

TESA Axial Probes Standard Probes Universal probes for common but constraining applications.

  • Measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing
  • Degree of protection IP65 according to IEC 60529
  • Wide range of accessories including measuring inserts, spring sets, etc

Lever-type Dial Test Indicators

These lever-type dial test indicators are especially intended for use on the shop floor or in the inspection room – Ideally suited for comparative measurements on a surface plate, for instance – Determine form, shape and position deviations as well as axial and runout errors.

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