Microtech Products

Tablet Caliper

Latest innovation in calipers with built in computer with large touch screen and optimal measuring force module. Great features include mathematical error compensation, FORMULA mode (calculation),GRAPH results, Main functions like Min/Max, TOL, Go/NoGo, etc.

Big size micrometers

Measuring range up to 10000 mm(10 meters). Wireless data transfer to Windows PC or Android devices. Highest Accuracy.

Large vernier calipers

Measuring range up to 20000 mm (20 meters). Built in Wireless data output module.Temperature compensation is also possible. Highest accuracy.

Wireless Electronic Caliper

Wireless Electronic Caliper with long range data transfer (up to 30meters)


SUB-MICRON INTELLIGENT micrometer IP-65 with High accuracy up to ±1.5μm (is 3 times better than DIN 863-1) and Resolution 0,1 μm Multifunctional electronic module Touchscreen Type.