ElektroPhysik is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring instruments for the surface technology. Being a pioneer in the field of non-destructive coating thickness measurement, ElektroPhysik has successfully advanced new product developments along with international standardization of the coating thickness measurement.



MikroTest is an extremely robust coating thickness gauge, which measures the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on steel substrates on the magnetic attraction principle.


The MiniTest 70 is a lightweight and handy coating thickness gauge (dft gauge) in a pencil format with a built-in sensor. It enables non destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings on a ferromagnetic substrate (steel) & insulating coatings on conductive substrates.


Rugged coating thickness gauge with fixed external probe for all non-magnetic coatings on steel and all insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals.


The coating thickness gauges by ElektroPhysik from the MiniTest 700 series rank among the most accurate and versatile coating thickness measuring devices.


SmarTest is an intelligent wireless sensor for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and relays sensor data via Bluetooth to your tablet, smart phone or to the coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745.

MINITEST 7200/7400FH

Professional, high-end wall thickness measuring device for non-destructive measurements of up to 24 mm. The devices are suited for thickness measurement of non-magnetic materials such as glass, synthetic materials, stainless steel and composites and even complex component geometries can be measured.


Portable gloss meter (reflectometer) with a measuring angle of 60°, automatic mirror gloss measurement and stray light compensation.

Minitest 2500/4500

The MiniTest 2500-4500 coating thickness gauges offer a large range of probes, different calibration methods and evaluation options for a wide range of task in the field of coating measurements.

Minitest 400

Ultrasonic micrometer to measure the thickness of various materials from 0.65 to 500mm.
The gauge has an internal datalogger and a high speed scan.

Quintsonic T

QuintSonic T coating thickness gauge combines measuring system and evaluation software in an ultrasonic sensor directly connected to an industrial tablet. QuintSonic T measures the individual thickness of up to 8 layers on different substrates (e.g. metal, plastics, GFRP, CRFP, WPC, fibre reinforced composites) using the ultrasonic run-time method. Measurement of all layers is performed in only one operation.


Ideally suited to measuring coating thickness in virtually any single or multi-layered coatings. The GalvanoTest uses the coulometric method to measure galvanised coatings such as chrome, nickel, cadmium, copper, brass, silver, gold, tin or zinc both on metals and non-metals.

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