For over 40 years we are the leading manufacturer of measuring instruments having the largest share in Japan in the field of metallic scales. We manufacture metallic rulers as flagship products and variety of measuring instruments. Our products are mainly used for measuring architectural materials in the construction industry and highly reputed as excellent design with user-friendly functions by builders. Also, many professionals working in manufacturing plants and inspection institutions are satisfied with our products’ lengthy durability under harsh environment.


Steel Rules

The graduation of these Japanese made steel rules is engraved, decimal numbers are red (1500 and 2000 mm rule: each 500 mm numbers are red). They come with a satin chrome finish for better readability and rust resistance. The rear side of the 150, 300, 600 und 1000 mm long rulers is covered with a conversion table mm-inch and a tap drill table.

Taper Gauges

Taper Gauge With range : 1 – 15 mm Stainless Steel for measurement of Inner Diameter.

Profile Gauges

Profile gauges are used for copying existing profiles by direct measurement, the sliding pins are pushed against the profile to be measured giving the positive shape on one side and the negative on the other.

Framing Squares

This Japanese Framing Squares with a white background and large black numerals are exceptionally easy to read, even in poor light. Plus the numerals at 5-cm intervals are picked out in red! This avoids Measuring errors. The white powder coating is tough and durable. Accuracy less than 0.1 mm deviation from a right angle per 100 mm length

Digital Level and Protractor

Digital Level and Protractor available in 350, 450, 600mm with Magnet / Angle Meter Display / High Accuracy / Aluminum Body.

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