MITUTOYO is the worldwide leader in precision measuring instruments. It offers the most comprehensive range in metrology equipment with excellent quality. BombayTools is the largest authorised distrubutor of Mitutoyo in India. BombayTools offers sales and support to make your enquiry as fast and efficient as possible.

We market the entire range of Mitutoyo products from micrometers, digital calipers to profile projectors. We offer applications support, product support, product information and service for all Mitutoyo products.


Outside Micrometer

Regular product of outside micrometers – The frame is provided with a heat insulating cover. Coated frame type. Large-size micrometers are also available. – Measuring range: up to 1000mm in standard specification.

Digital Micrometer

1/1000mm graduation‚ Standard model: waterproof type – Measuring range: up to 300mm. Bigger sizes of Measuring range: more than 300mm also available.

ABS Digimatic Caliper

Abundant lineup of calipers such as models with no output and with carbide-tipped jaws. Further smooth slider surface.

Dial Caliper

Dial caliper that provides a minimum reading of 1/100mm – The titanium-coated main scale excels in durability.

Digimatic Indicator IDC

Allows arbitrary calculation compensation of spindle displacements. – Widely used for curvature measurement‚ bore diameter measurement‚ etc.

Portable Surface Roughness Tester Surftest SJ-210

Light‚ compact body and simple operation – Displays waveforms on the color LCD screens.

Rectangular Gauge Block Set

Practical master gauge for dimensional measurement – Two types of steel and ceramic gauge blocks are available. – Four classes of Class K‚ Class 0‚ Class1‚ and Class 2.

Standard Bore Gauges

Cylinder gauges for measuring inside diameters between 18 and 400mm – Covered with total 7 models (Carbide-tipped measuring faces are available.) Different models like Shallow Hole Type Bore Gauge, Bore Gauge with Micrometer Head and Small Bore Gauge which Supports measurement of small inside diameters between 0.95 and 18mm are also available.

Borematic Holtest

Allows stable measurement of inside diameters with three contact points.

High-accuracy Height Measuring Instrument – Linear Height 2D

Extraordinarily high-accuracy and abundant measuring functions – Air-floating travel and automatic measurement. High-performance height measurement instrument with sense of height gauge.

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