The JAFUJI brand is established and manufactured by Bombay Tools.

It encompasses the entire range of critical accessories like magnetic dial stands, comparator stands, v blocks and granite surface plates. Besides being sold in India JAFUJI products are exported to several countries like Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel and Thailand.


Push Pull Gauge Stand

Ideal Test Stand for force gauge.
Loading lever can be sent in any position by position by nine degree increments for ease of operation.
Precisely machined rack and pinion and dovetailed slide assure smooth and precise motion.

Mini Dial Indicator Stand

This Measuring stand is particularly suitable for quick and accurate inspection of small flat or round works. It is also readily adaptable as a thickness gauge.

Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand

JAFUJI’ Granite Comparator stands are made from Rigid Granite Base. They are free from burrs, pile ups, rust and deterioration over time. These stands satisfy all types of precision measuring assignments, including comparative measurement.

Heavy Duty High Precision Bench Centre

Table and centre heads are made from closed cast iron, seasoned, stress relieved and finished on the working face and reference side edge of the table by hand scraping to meet with the required accuracy as per BIS Standards.

Magnetic Stands

With fine adjustment clamp and roller for quick setting.

Bore Measuring Stand

For quick checks of bores in small can be raised with lever, thus moving test piece into position.

Flexible magnetic stand

The Dial gauge can be locked in any desired position via centralised clamping.
Fine Adjustment has been provided.

Magnetic V blocks

Jafuji Magnetic V Blocks with hardened surface at the main v angle and the bottom holding surface are

Steel V blocks

The V – Blocks have means of the clamp the work can be held in the block.

Granite Surface plates

JAFUJI GRANITE SURFACE PLATES has a material strength, which is three times greater than that of ordinary granite and it is super rigid. To obtain the same rigidity, a surface plate made of ordinary granite would require a 44% greater thickness. These qualities provide increased wear resistance and a much longer life span.

Micrometer Stand

Finely finished Micrometer Stand can be adjusted to any position.
Provides a desirable measuring position and angle for inside and outside Micrometers and many other instruments.

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