Outside Micrometer

Regular product of outside micrometers – The frame is provided with a heat insulating cover. Coated frame type. Large-size micrometers are also available. – Measuring range: up to 1000mm in standard specification.

Digital Micrometer

1/1000mm graduation‚ Standard model: waterproof type – Measuring range: up to 300mm. Bigger sizes of Measuring range: more than 300mm also available.

ABS Digimatic Caliper

Abundant lineup of calipers such as models with no output and with carbide-tipped jaws. Further smooth slider surface.

Dial Caliper

Dial caliper that provides a minimum reading of 1/100mm – The titanium-coated main scale excels in durability.

Digimatic Indicator IDC

Allows arbitrary calculation compensation of spindle displacements. – Widely used for curvature measurement‚ bore diameter measurement‚ etc.

Portable Surface Roughness Tester Surftest SJ-210

Light‚ compact body and simple operation – Displays waveforms on the color LCD screens.

Rectangular Gauge Block Set

Practical master gauge for dimensional measurement – Two types of steel and ceramic gauge blocks are available. – Four classes of Class K‚ Class 0‚ Class1‚ and Class 2.

Standard Bore Gauges

Cylinder gauges for measuring inside diameters between 18 and 400mm – Covered with total 7 models (Carbide-tipped measuring faces are available.) Different models like Shallow Hole Type Bore Gauge, Bore Gauge with Micrometer Head and Small Bore Gauge which Supports measurement of small inside diameters between 0.95 and 18mm are also available.

Borematic Holtest

Allows stable measurement of inside diameters with three contact points.

High-accuracy Height Measuring Instrument – Linear Height 2D

Extraordinarily high-accuracy and abundant measuring functions – Air-floating travel and automatic measurement. High-performance height measurement instrument with sense of height gauge.

BMD Plug

Easy-to-use, self-indicating and self-centering bore gauge for the measurement of inner- and outer diameter, with highest precision and absolute accurate results.

Gear Gauge

DIATEST offers solutions for internal and outer gear gauging, as hand tools or with a measuring table. They can also be used for measurement of conicity and ovality. Also applicable for spiral gears and serrations with even- or odd-numbered teeth.

Split Ball Plug

Split-ball probes are flexible and universal bore gauges for indicating internal measurements.

Chamfer Gauge

Indicating measuring instruments for diameter measurement of conical bores, external cones or 45° chamfers.

Digital TD-Gauge

Both solutions measure two values at the same time: Both measure the depth, but whereas one measures the inner diameter, the other one detects No-Go gauges in cylinder bores or threads. Resolution switchable between 0.01 and 0.001mm.


Flexible and sturdy measuring tables for measurement of I.D. and O.D.
DIA-COME measuring tables are offered in different sizes, layouts and measuring ranges.
e.g. for Measurement of samples.

Automated measurement in CNC machines

Cycle time left? Fill it with 100 % certainty!
Lower total operation costs due to higher degree of automation
100 % inprocess measurement with DIATEST BMD bore gauges – in your CNC machines.


MikroTest is an extremely robust coating thickness gauge, which measures the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on steel substrates on the magnetic attraction principle.


The MiniTest 70 is a lightweight and handy coating thickness gauge (dft gauge) in a pencil format with a built-in sensor. It enables non destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings on a ferromagnetic substrate (steel) & insulating coatings on conductive substrates.


Rugged coating thickness gauge with fixed external probe for all non-magnetic coatings on steel and all insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals.


The coating thickness gauges by ElektroPhysik from the MiniTest 700 series rank among the most accurate and versatile coating thickness measuring devices.


SmarTest is an intelligent wireless sensor for non-destructive coating thickness measurement and relays sensor data via Bluetooth to your tablet, smart phone or to the coating thickness gauge MiniTest 745.

MINITEST 7200/7400FH

Professional, high-end wall thickness measuring device for non-destructive measurements of up to 24 mm. The devices are suited for thickness measurement of non-magnetic materials such as glass, synthetic materials, stainless steel and composites and even complex component geometries can be measured.


Portable gloss meter (reflectometer) with a measuring angle of 60°, automatic mirror gloss measurement and stray light compensation.

Minitest 2500/4500

The MiniTest 2500-4500 coating thickness gauges offer a large range of probes, different calibration methods and evaluation options for a wide range of task in the field of coating measurements.

Minitest 400

Ultrasonic micrometer to measure the thickness of various materials from 0.65 to 500mm.
The gauge has an internal datalogger and a high speed scan.

Mechanical Internal Measurements

Measuring Range possible upto 430mm.
Scale interval skw : 0,01mm.
Measuring depth Lenght upto 740mm.

Mechanical External Measurements

Measuring Range possible upto 200mm.
Scale interval skw : 0,01mm.
Measuring depth Lenght upto 700mm.

Electronic Internal Measurements

Measuring Range possible upto 430mm.
Scale interval skw : 0,01mm.
Measuring depth Lenght upto 740mm.

Electronic External Measurements

Measuring Range possible upto 200mm.
Scale interval skw : 0,01mm.
Measuring depth Lenght upto 700mm.

Aerosol receptacles with valves

Measurement of the Clinch Height.
Measuring Range Meb:- 4,6 – 5,4mm.
Scale Interval skw: 0,01mm.

Digital Calipers IP67 & IP40

Welcome to the next generation of Brown & Sharpe electronic calipers, with the highest degree of protection ever offered. Resistant to the penetration of liquids and particles of metal or other materials. The TWIN-CAL are all equipped with the unique integral data output TLC (TESA Link Connector), providing the opportunity to upgrade at any time.

2D Digital Height Gauges / Micro Hite 350 / 600 / 900

These motorised 2D height gauges are the most precise and powerful in the TESA product range. They feature advanced functions such as statistical analysis, programming etc. They are the only height gauges on the market guaranteeing frontal as well as lateral perpendicularity (which can be measured with the option IG13). Unlike the instruments of other manufacturers, TESA height gauges are automatically delivered with a SCS (Swiss Calibration Service) certificate, which is a guarantee of expertise and optimal stability and longevity.

Display unit TWIN-T10, 1 probe input

The TESA TWIN-T10 offers excellent readability of the analogue and digital indication: the special form of the analogue scale enables a detailed visualization of micro variations. The high-contrast display and the large numbers of the digital indication contribute to an unequivocal, immediate and clear reading by the operator. This instrument is the perfect tool for measuring form and orientation tolerances during assembly in workshops, on workstations of a production line or on a machine on the shop floor.


TESA UNIMASTER Universal Measuring Instrument’s durable construction is designed for the direct measurement of especially large internal and external dimensions. It is an accurate easy-to-handle instrumemt that can be positioned horizontally or vertically while maintaining a constant measuring force. An integrated makes it easy to view the culmination point.

Standard Measuring Probes

TESA Axial Probes Standard Probes Universal probes for common but constraining applications.

  • Measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing
  • Degree of protection IP65 according to IEC 60529
  • Wide range of accessories including measuring inserts, spring sets, etc

Lever-type Dial Test Indicators

These lever-type dial test indicators are especially intended for use on the shop floor or in the inspection room – Ideally suited for comparative measurements on a surface plate, for instance – Determine form, shape and position deviations as well as axial and runout errors.

Clinometer 80

The CLINOMETER 80 is particularly suitable for precisely measuring angular deviation in any inclination on flat surfaces and shafts (with prismatic base only). Measuring range ± 180 degrees.

Blue Clino High Precision

Is based on the BlueCLINO. With its scraped bases and a smaller measuring range of ±20mm/m, it is very well suited for precision measurements on machines.

Measuring Range + Sensitivity
±20 mm/m + 0.005 mm/m

Blue System SIGMA

A high precision and compact inclination measuring instrument, perfectly suited for the alignment of machines and machine parts as well as for flatness-measurements on surface plates.
Measuring Range + Sensitivity
±20 mm/m + 0.001 mm/m

BlueLevel -2D

A high precision and compact inclination measuring instrument for two axes, perfectly suited for the alignment of machines and machine parts.
Measuring Range + Sensitivity
±20 mm/m + 0.001 mm/m

Clinotronic Plus

The compact inclination measuring instrument Clinotronic PLUS provides a measuring capacity of ±45 degrees. Four precisely machined exterior reference surfaces assure accuracy and repeatability of measurements in any quadrant.

Measuring Range + Sensitivity
±45° + 5 arcsec

Clinotronic S

Precise handheld instrument with wireless data transmission for the measurement of large inclinations. Clinotronic S is building on the success of the Clinotronic PLUS.

Horizontal spirit level 55 “SPIRIT”

The HORIZONTAL SPIRIT LEVEL 55 SPIRIT is suitable for measurements on horizontal surfaces and shafts Optional magnetic inserts assure an excellent adhesion to shafts and surfaces.

Magnetic spirit level 48 SPIRIT

The MAGNETIC SPIRIT LEVEL 48 SPIRIT is a universal spirit level, particularly suitable for measurements on vertical and horizontal surfaces and shafts.

Nivel Swiss – Digital

The inclination measuring instrument Nivel Swiss-D, an electronic inclinometer with digital display, is well known and well established in the machine tool industry.
Measuring Range + Sensitivity
±0.150 … ±0.750 mm/m + 0.001 … 0.005 mm/m

Magnetic Angle Spirit Level 47

The MAGNETIC ANGLE SPIRIT LEVEL 47 is suitable for measurements on vertical surfaces and shafts. The magnetic inserts assure an excellent adhesion to vertical shafts and surfaces.

Tablet Caliper

Latest innovation in calipers with built in computer with large touch screen and optimal measuring force module. Great features include mathematical error compensation, FORMULA mode (calculation),GRAPH results, Main functions like Min/Max, TOL, Go/NoGo, etc.

Big size micrometers

Measuring range up to 10000 mm(10 meters). Wireless data transfer to Windows PC or Android devices. Highest Accuracy.

Large vernier calipers

Measuring range up to 20000 mm (20 meters). Built in Wireless data output module.Temperature compensation is also possible. Highest accuracy.

Steel Rules

The graduation of these Japanese made steel rules is engraved, decimal numbers are red (1500 and 2000 mm rule: each 500 mm numbers are red). They come with a satin chrome finish for better readability and rust resistance. The rear side of the 150, 300, 600 und 1000 mm long rulers is covered with a conversion table mm-inch and a tap drill table.

Taper Gauges

Taper Gauge With range : 1 – 15 mm Stainless Steel for measurement of Inner Diameter.

Push Pull Gauge Stand

Ideal Test Stand for force gauge.
Loading lever can be sent in any position by position by nine degree increments for ease of operation.
Precisely machined rack and pinion and dovetailed slide assure smooth and precise motion.

Mini Dial Indicator Stand

This Measuring stand is particularly suitable for quick and accurate inspection of small flat or round works. It is also readily adaptable as a thickness gauge.

Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand

JAFUJI’ Granite Comparator stands are made from Rigid Granite Base. They are free from burrs, pile ups, rust and deterioration over time. These stands satisfy all types of precision measuring assignments, including comparative measurement.

Heavy Duty High Precision Bench Centre

Table and centre heads are made from closed cast iron, seasoned, stress relieved and finished on the working face and reference side edge of the table by hand scraping to meet with the required accuracy as per BIS Standards.

Magnetic Stands

With fine adjustment clamp and roller for quick setting.

Bore Measuring Stand

For quick checks of bores in small can be raised with lever, thus moving test piece into position.

Flexible magnetic stand

The Dial gauge can be locked in any desired position via centralised clamping.
Fine Adjustment has been provided.

Magnetic V blocks

Jafuji Magnetic V Blocks with hardened surface at the main v angle and the bottom holding surface are

Steel V blocks

The V – Blocks have means of the clamp the work can be held in the block.

Granite Surface plates

JAFUJI GRANITE SURFACE PLATES has a material strength, which is three times greater than that of ordinary granite and it is super rigid. To obtain the same rigidity, a surface plate made of ordinary granite would require a 44% greater thickness. These qualities provide increased wear resistance and a much longer life span.

Micrometer Stand

Finely finished Micrometer Stand can be adjusted to any position.
Provides a desirable measuring position and angle for inside and outside Micrometers and many other instruments.

Wyler Software

The software to measure the geometry of objects and machine tools such as straightness of
guideways, flatness of surfaces including both granite tables as well as machine tables and
parallelism of guideways.squareness of vertical machine elements compared to horizontal parts.
Universal: Wyler Software makes it possible to input measurement readings not only from WYLER
inclination measuring instruments tools, but also from laser interferometers and autocollimators.

Wireless Electronic Caliper

Wireless Electronic Caliper with long range data transfer (up to 30meters)


SUB-MICRON INTELLIGENT micrometer IP-65 with High accuracy up to ±1.5μm (is 3 times better than DIN 863-1) and Resolution 0,1 μm Multifunctional electronic module Touchscreen Type.

Digital Calipers

  • Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology 
  • New extra-large display
  • Programmable button according to your needs
  • Water protected for heavy-duty work with coolants and lubricants, protection rating IP67 according to IEC 60529,
  • Automatic wake-up by moving the electronic on his frame. (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Sleeping mode after 10 min. of no use. (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Position memorized in sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S* 
  • Maximum speed of displacement : 2.5 m/sec
  • Mechanical frame in stainless steel, hardened and grinded
  • Great comfort of use thanks to its ergonomic frame


  • Height gauge with measuring range 700mm
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force
  • Manual or motor-driven displacement
  • Standard probes up to 300 mm
  • Vast range of accessories
  • All adjustments possible without tools
  • Possibility of using a thermal printer (926.1830)
  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • RS232 and USB interfaces

Digital Thickness Gauge / Feeler Gauge Smart

  • Digital thickness gauge with integrated Bluetooth® Wireless technology
  • For gap measurement and setting with data transmission
  • Thickness: 0.05…1.00mm, 0.04…1.00mm ou 0.0020…0.0310inch
  • First Sylvac instrument with HID technology
  • Versions with 14, 19 or 20 gauges (according to model)
  • Alignment of feelers in one crimp between the thumb and index finger
  • Calculation and display of the stacking value of several gauges
  • Instrument with a modern design that is easy to use

Ultra Light Caliper

  • Ultra light caliper for external and internal measurements
  • Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • New Series with extra large display
  • Aluminium beam reinforced by four stainless steel rods
  • Long jaws 200 mm coated with titanium
  • New carbide upper internal tips
  • Measuring force applied control
  • Protected IP67
  • Extremely light instrument

Digital Indicators

  • Integrated Bluetooth® Wireless technology
  • Robust construction
  • Water and coolant resistant
  • New technology with configurable menus
  • Broad choice of functions (MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, Factor, PRESET, AUTO OFF, etc.)
  • Automatic wake-up and sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S*
  • Maximum error of 3 μm

Bench Table

  • Integrated Bluetooth® Wireless technology 
  • Brand new design with integrated display resolution 0.1μm
  • The bench tables PS16 V2 are designed to check dimensions up to 50 mm
  • These bench tables can be equipped with different kind of tables to fit your needs as well as with several types of anvils of any shapes
  • A ball bearing, as well as many other features and accessories make these tables a must for your workshop or your inspection room
  • Adjustable measuring force
  • Led tolerances status
  • Data output USB and Proximity
  • Standard measuring anvils Ø 1.5 mm

Digital Display

  • Digital display with 8.5’’ touchscreen
  • Available in 3 versions:

– 6 USB and M-Bus

– 6 USB and 2 Sylvac capacitive probe input

– 6 USB and 4 Sylvac capacitive probe input

– M-Bus and 2 Sylvac capacitive probe input

– M-Bus and 4 Sylvac capacitive probe input

  • Automatic detection of connected instruments
  • CPU 5 times faster that previous version
  • OS based on Windows CE 7 embedded
  • Display and page setting fully configurable (up to 8 channels per page, up to 64 pages)
  • Memorizing of setups and values
  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • General or individual Preset
  • Math functions for each channel
  • Numeric, analog and statistic display
  • Compatible with instruments with Bluetooth® Wireless technology

Digital Display

  • New compact display unit exclusively for P12D probes with industrial connector M8
  • 2x P12D probe inputs (M8)
  • Innovative modern design
  • Large touch screen display 4.3’’ with intuitive functions
  • Shockproof construction
  • Built-in battery autonomy 8 hours (depends on model)
  • Indication of the global tolerance (depends on model)
  • Data output RS232, USB or Bluetooth® technology (depends on model)
  • Programmable by PC

Bore Gauge

  • Instruments covering a large measuring range (2 – 300 mm)
  • Blind bore measurement from 2 to 6 mm and from 12.5 mm
  • Interchangeable measuring heads
  • UKAS certificate included with all rings
  • UKAS certificate included with each instrument
  • Manufactured according to DIN863
  • Memorization of 4 ring gauges values
  • Water and coolant resistant, protection rating IP67 according to IEC 60529
  • Programmable by PC
  • S_Connect Proximity

Professional Digital Micrometer

  • Automatic wake-up by moving the measuring spindle (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Sleeping mode after 20 min. of no use (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Position memorized in sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S*
  • Water protected for heavy-duty work with coolants and lubricants, protection rating IP67 according to IEC 60529, even connected
  • Measuring range 0-161 mm covered with 5 instruments only
  • Set of 3 micrometers 0-102 mm available
  • Quick displacement of the measuring spindle 10 mm / rotation
  • Adjustable measuring force 5N / 10N (versions 903.030X)
  • Repeatability and reproducibility never reached before
  • Thimble in polyacetal-copolymer

Profile Gauges

Profile gauges are used for copying existing profiles by direct measurement, the sliding pins are pushed against the profile to be measured giving the positive shape on one side and the negative on the other.

Framing Squares

This Japanese Framing Squares with a white background and large black numerals are exceptionally easy to read, even in poor light. Plus the numerals at 5-cm intervals are picked out in red! This avoids Measuring errors. The white powder coating is tough and durable. Accuracy less than 0.1 mm deviation from a right angle per 100 mm length

Digital Level and Protractor

Digital Level and Protractor available in 350, 450, 600mm with Magnet / Angle Meter Display / High Accuracy / Aluminum Body.

Torque Wrenches

Various Torque Wrenches of reputed brand available

Dial indicators with data output

Analogue indicators output and even 0.5um resolution Japan

Pi Tape

Special tapes to measure outside and inside diameter.

Force Gauge / Push Pull Gauge

Digital Force Gauges with 180° reversible display & dual labeled keypad for both push, pull applications. These instruments are utilized in a variety of applications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force testing requirement.

High accuracy Thread/Plain gauges

Accurate and customised thread/plain plug and ring gauges from ISSOKU Japan

Endoscopes / Borescopes

Fibre optic endoscopes as small as 2.8 meter diameter with articulation for applications areas like engines, gear boxes, different clutches, cavities, castings along with many other areas. Advantages of using endoscopes are rapid diagnosis without dismantling and reduced inspection times.

Fluid Product

Thanks to its high initial Fluidity (flowable product), it can easily infiltrate into any type of part, whether small (diameter up to 0.1 mm) or medium size.

The final impression is very flexible (hardness estimated at 20-50 Shore A), which allows it to be strongly stretched and deformed during demoulding without any problem.

Therefore recommended for taking impressions in complex internal forms (threads, grooves and internal grooves…)

The impression is very accurate. All surface details (shape, dimension, appearance, surface condition, etc.) are reproduced in µm

Pasty Product

Initial paste-like consistency (not flowing). In this way it can be applied on vertical or overhanging surfaces. It is a non-flowing product, so it is very suitable for partial impressions. The final impression being Flexible (hardness 35 Shore A) , it can deform during demoulding.
The impression is very accurate, and all surface details are reproduced in µm. Product is very suitable for carrying out checks on large external threads or complex shapes.
Finally, it is a product compatible with the Double Blade Cutter. This will allow you to measure the impressions without difficulty by cutting a profile in 2 dimensions.

Manual Putty Product

A malleable plastiform that can be applied by hand to surfaces to be inspected. Its initial consistency is similar to modelling clay.
The final impression is Semi-Soft (hardness 70 Shore A), and has a low deformation capacity. It is a very versatile product and highly compatible with the Double Blade Cutter.
This plastiform’s replica accepts a maximum Extraction Stress of 5%. Thus, this product should be used on uncomplicated shapes and partial impressions. It is recommended for creating simple external shape impressions (threads, grooves, etc.) on medium to large sized parts.

Manual Dispensing Gun (MS-53) for 50ML Cartridges

The DS-53 is a manual injector gun that allows you to apply the products in cartridges using an injector. Fully compatible with the plastiform range, this injector gun is the easiest to use for impression taking. The manual dispensing gun is a lightweight and robust applicator gun that allows you to apply Plastiform products manually with precision and dexterity.

Standard Mixers

Nozzles are small plastic parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform in cartridges. They have been specially designed for mixing cartridge products. The injector mixes the two components with a 1:1 ratio, making them perfectly homogeneous at the outlet. The injector fits all our cartridges and its length (8.2cm) allows you to easily..


Fill’In are small metal spiral rods that are used to help Plastiform fluid products enter very small spaces. Among other things, they make it possible to capture the smallest details of a part or surface to be inspected.

Needle Nozzle with Diameter 0.89mm

Needle Nozzles are small plastic and metal parts that allow the mixing of two-component Plastiform cartridges. The injector has been specially designed to ensure the mixing of the two components with a 1:1 ratio. It’s making them perfectly homogeneous at the output.

The Needle Nozzle is only used with certain fluid products only. Its size allows it to easily go to the inside of the part and its diameter (0.89mm) allows it to infiltrate into very narrow spaces. It is the ideal injector for very small part inspection.

Demolding Rings

The demolding rings are small round rings made of rigid plastic. They are used to create a base at the end of the extraction hole of a plastiform impression. By using the demolding rings, you will be able to remove an impression more easily: They allow you to create a good grip to pull the impression. The bag contains 21 rings of 7 different diameters, so there is a ring diameter for most standard extractions.


Re-FORM is a thermoplastic resin that allows parts to be held or stiffened, or to protect them against clamping. By heating it to over 60°C, it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. You can therefore model it by hand to make it a shape that can be adapted to your needs. Once dry, it becomes extremely rigid, which allows it to protect or reinforce a part. Why use a thermoplastic resin? Thermoplastic resins are extremely hard and resistant materials in their solid state, but can be shaped manually when they reach a certain temperature. They can be very practical during the different machining processes and that’s why they are used! The Re-FORM, is a product from the Plastiform range specially dedicated to the protection or reinforcement of parts. During machining, most fragile or small parts are subjected to vibrations or embrittlement. Thermoplastic resins make it easy to solve this problem. When the Re-FORM is placed inside a hollow part or as an external reinforcement of a fragile part, it makes it more resistant to the machining operations you will have to perform.

Twin Blade Cutter

The Double Blade Cutter is an essential accessory in the Plastiform range. It is a knife with a twin blade welded together that allows profiles to be cut on the axis of the semi-flexible or semi-rigid Plastiform impressions.
Forged by hand by master cutlers from the Thiers region of France, the Double Blade Cutter allows the plastiforms to be cut without altering their dimensions. This will give you an exact profile (in 2 dimensions) of your replica. This profile will be much easier to control using optical measuring instruments. The guide will allow you to ensure a straight cut when handling the tool. The standard cutter has a 60 mm blade and a 1 mm gap between blades.


The MD-3P is a 3 components resin (liquid resin, liquid hardener, powder) polymerizing after mixing.

Depending on the mixing ratio, the initial consistency can be Fluid or slightly Pasty. The final impression is extremely Rigid, and does not accept any Removal Constraint. The MD-3P must be used on very simple forms, and non porous surfaces. Polymerization starts when the hardener is mixed to the other components. The reaction causes a light heating, and the compound hardens in 10 to 60 minutes (depending on the mixing ratio). The impression accuracy is better than 1µm.

The MD-3P is suitable for the following applications :

– Creation of custom-made Checking Gauges

It can also be used for :

– Impression of External Simple Forms

– Roughness Control Ra

Curing Time : 10 to 60 minutes

Removal Constraint : 0 %

Elongation to Failure : 0 %

Internal & External complex measurements kit

Plastiform’s complex measurements kit

IMBus PC Connection Module

Modular measuring bus for the connection of probes, sensors and gauges

IMBus with QMaster

Modular measuring bus for the connection of probes, sensors and gauges.

IMBus 2

Modular measuring bus for the connection of probes, sensors and gauges.