MeasurLink Console

The next generation of the MeasurLink Quality Management Suite.
The most prominent new functions involve enhanced data collection. Real-Time can automatically identify characteristics during data collection based on incoming data and outlier ranges. The Dynamic Data function displays measurements from a source that sends data at high sampling rates, while providing a mechanism for discrete measurement recording. DAQ sources can be configured with MTConnect agents to collect data from MTConnect enabled devices.

We are introducing a What-If Analysis function to Process Analyzer. Run hypothetical scenarios including tolerance changes, additional data tests on historical data, and derived characteristics.
In Gage Management, the history of calibration results for a particular gage can be compared graphically with a calibration comparison chart. An Import function has been added to allow gage information to be taken from an Excel sheet and loaded directly into the system. Added the ability to manage Gage Models into a model library to allow for easy creation of commonly owned gages.