Re-FORM is a thermoplastic resin that allows parts to be held or stiffened, or to protect them against clamping. By heating it to over 60°C, it becomes transparent, molded and malleable. You can therefore model it by hand to make it a shape that can be adapted to your needs. Once dry, it becomes extremely rigid, which allows it to protect or reinforce a part. Why use a thermoplastic resin? Thermoplastic resins are extremely hard and resistant materials in their solid state, but can be shaped manually when they reach a certain temperature. They can be very practical during the different machining processes and that’s why they are used! The Re-FORM, is a product from the Plastiform range specially dedicated to the protection or reinforcement of parts. During machining, most fragile or small parts are subjected to vibrations or embrittlement. Thermoplastic resins make it easy to solve this problem. When the Re-FORM is placed inside a hollow part or as an external reinforcement of a fragile part, it makes it more resistant to the machining operations you will have to perform.

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