The MD-3P is a 3 components resin (liquid resin, liquid hardener, powder) polymerizing after mixing.

Depending on the mixing ratio, the initial consistency can be Fluid or slightly Pasty. The final impression is extremely Rigid, and does not accept any Removal Constraint. The MD-3P must be used on very simple forms, and non porous surfaces. Polymerization starts when the hardener is mixed to the other components. The reaction causes a light heating, and the compound hardens in 10 to 60 minutes (depending on the mixing ratio). The impression accuracy is better than 1┬Ám.

The MD-3P is suitable for the following applications :

– Creation of custom-made Checking Gauges

It can also be used for :

– Impression of External Simple Forms

– Roughness Control Ra

Curing Time : 10 to 60 minutes

Removal Constraint : 0 %

Elongation to Failure : 0 %

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