Other Measuring Instruments

Portable surface roughness measurement surftest sj-210

Light‚ compact body and simple operation - Displays waveforms on the color LCD screens.

Portable surface roughness measurement surftest sj-301

Pursuit of operability and various needs - Ultimate solution of compact surface roughness measuring instruments.

Measured Data Input Unit USB Input Tool Direct

New USB type input tool with slim body. - By combining with the option software‚ input procedure to the Microsoft Excel can be created.

Rectangular Guage Block

Practical master gage for dimensional measurement - Two types of steel and ceramic gauge blocks are available. - Four classes of Class K‚ Class 0‚ Class1‚ and Class 2.

Depth Gauge

Different types of depth gauges like Tubular Type Depth Micrometer, Digimatic Depth Gage, Dial Depth Gage and Depth Gage with Hook are available.