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Blue Level

Blue Level 2D

A high precision and compact inclination measuring instrument for 2 axes, perfectly suited for the alignment of machines and machine parts.

Measuring Range :- ±20 … ±100 mm/m.

Sensitivity:- 0.001 … 0.005 mm/m

The new Blue-LEVEL-2D combines for the first time two high-precision inclination sensors in a compact housing together with an integrated graphical display!

This opens new applications and facilitates the alignment of machines and tools substantially:

  • Alignment of machines in 2 directions simultaneously.
  • Alignment of reference plates.
  • Pitch and roll measurement on machines.
  • Alignment of cranes, containers, trucks etc.
  • Monitoring of cranes, containers, trucks etc.

Graphical 2D-display

The 2D-display shows graphically the position of an object in space, respectively the change of its position, and makes the information easily understandable.

This substantially facilitates the alignment of e.g.

  • A machine.
  • A reference plate.
  • etc.

The following parameters (among others) can be set and changed on the BlueLEVEL-2D:

  • Units.
  • Display of measuring range.
  • Type of display.
  • Filter settings.

It is possible to send the measured data via an RS232 port to a PC/laptop and therewith to the WYLER software LEVELSOFT PRO, MT-SOFT, LabEXCEL and DYNAM II

To further enhance the flexibility of the proven WYLER BlueLEVEL-2D inclination measurement instrument, WYLER has developed the free BlueLEVEL-2D App for Android devices. This App allows the remote display of measurement values remotely on a tablet or mobile phone