Display unit D50S

  • 2 capacitive Sylvac probe inputs.
  • Wide luminous display at the tenth of a micron.
  • User friendly: 1 key = 1 function.
  • PRS232-C output.
  • Pre-programmed probes combinations.
  • Compatible with the D50S, D80S, D90S, D100S and D200S units.
  • Excellent linearity.
  • Interchangeable cables.

Display unit D200S

  • Multiplexer with 8 inputs for Sylvac probes P2 to P50.
  • Dynamic measurement (200 mes/s).
  • Ideal for the layout conception of multi-gauging.
  • Possibility of pneumatic lifting of the probes.
  • Software allowing the treatment up to 24 channels simultaneously (bar graph).
  • Sending of the measured values in Excel, notepad or in specific file.
  • Create sequences of sending data.
  • Grouped or individual PRESET.
  • Mathematic combinations between channels.
  • Unit usable in an autonomous way.

Display unit D300S

  • Multiplexer with 8 inputs for Sylvac probes P2 to P50.
  • Digital display with 8.5'' LCD touchscreen.
  • 2 Sylvac probe inputs (P2-P50).
  • 6 USB inputs for Sylvac instruments.
  • Ethernet RJ45 connection.
  • Manage up to 64 instruments simultaneously by software.
  • Individual preset or by group.