Heavy duty high precision bench centre

Surface table and centre heads are made from closed grained iron castings, seasoned, stress releaved and finished on the working face and reference side edge of the table by hand scrapping to meet with the required accuracy's as per ISI Standards.

The centre stock spindle bearings are smooth lapped to ensure accuracy of the spindle height and relationship to reference side edge. The centres are hardened high carbon steel accurately ground on the diameter and conical point.

One centre is spring loaded to accommodate small variations in component length. Tee slot at 450 angle on the surface table and teebolt through hole at the base of the centre stocks to ensure firm engagement with the reference side edge of the table. Each centre stock can be locked in any position along the tee slot by means of knurled hand knobs.

Casting : Grade 20 of IS 210-1962 with minimum hardness of 180 HB. Centres : Quality steel of hardness of 750 HV. Co-ordinated clamping : Fine functional casting. Pre-loaded spring with length adjustment by a micrometric knob seasoned castings. Spring loaded centre on one side.