Machine Tools / Alignment


Several machine tools must be checked periodically for geometrical deviations. Possible changes of the geometrical characteristics of the machine tool have a direct influence on the quality of the work pieces manufactured.

Measuring task:

A machine tool must be checked on possible geometrical deviations. The check must show up eventual rotations of the table during displacement.

The measurement of geometry should be made in a quick, reliable and simple procedure ant thus with a good cost benefit effect.

Scope of Delivery:

ENGINEERS SET, consisting of

  • 1 Leveltronic NT or BlueLEVEL horizontal.
  • 1 Leveltronic NT or BlueLEVEL angular.
  • 1 Levelmeter 2000 or BlueMETER.
  • 2 Measuring cables

(For measurement on machine tools usually instruments with a sensitivity of 5 μm/m are preferred)




All important machine tool manufacturers have for ages been paying the necessary attention to rotation measurement. Experts are able to reliably judge the quality of a machine tool with little effort, just basing on rotation measurements. Many users (of machine tools) are only partly aware of the connection between the rotation in each single guide way of a machine tool and the quality of the product resp. the cost efficiency of a production process and thus too little importance is given to this problem.

The examples illustrated above explain the error at the starting point (e.g. milling cutter) which can be caused by rotation. (Therefore it does also not make sense to measure the finished work pieces while still clamped on the machine).

The efficiency of a machine tool suffers greatly when the movement of the point of machining (e.g. milling cutter) does not follow a straight path. If such a condition is the case the efficiency drops rapidly when high tolerance requirements are given. In some extreme cases (rotation error > production tolerance) an economical production is impossible. Service engineers with sound knowledge of these connections will therefore ensure regular rotation measurements for the main production machinery. WYLER inclinometers (MINILEVEL NT / LEVELTRONIC NT / BlueLEVEL) are particularly appropriate for this task. The limited effort for preparation and the quick and efficient performance of the control measurements assure short production interruptions.

To increase the efficiency on capital-intensive machines the scheduled use of reasonably prices inclinometers will provide unavoidable services due to the convenient cost-benefit comparison.