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Measuring - Calibration / Flatness Measurement, Angles

Measuring - Calibration / Flatness Measurement, Angles


In the production of granite tools, e.g. granite master squares, more and more customers ask for certificates proving the quality in respect of flatness and rectangularity where applicable. This requirement is important when selling new tools as well as in the course of repair or periodic calibration.

Measuring task:

The calibration of granite master squares should be performed as easily and efficiently as possible. The equipment used should offer a good cost-benefit relationship and requirements regarding the qualification of staff should be as moderate as possible, enabling workshop staff to easily make use of the system.

Scope of Delivery:

ENGINEERS SET, consisting of

  • 1 Leveltronic NT or BlueLEVEL horizontal with dust grooves.
  • Leveltronic NT or BlueLEVEL angular.
  • 1 Levelmeter 2000 or BlueMETER.
  • 2 Measuring cables

For the measurements of the sides of the right angle, a specially short base should ideally be used.


A versatile software for the calibration of surface plates, squares and straight edges.


The calibration of granite squares put high requirements even on a skilled user, and a sound knowledge on geometrical aspects of line resp. of angular measurements is indispensable.

The combination of WYLER inclinometers and WYLER Software LEVELSOFT PRO allow even to a less trained user to find his way through this subject.

The different mathematic conditions on which the analysis of straightness of a line is based, and even more for the two lines forming a right angle on the master square, must carefully be observed.

From the selection of the most common methods for the alignment of a line (ISO 1101, „linear regression“ and „end points“) only the method of „end points“ is allowed for the alignment of the reference line (put horizontally on the working table). It must also be assured that this reference line is in a slightly concave shape, in order to make sure that the square is in fact laying on the „end points“. This line is then measured on the measuring table, whereas also here certain conditions must be observed. (Flatness of the reference face on the table must be within < 50 % of the expected angular error.

Another important condition is the awareness of the angular error of the instrument, otherwise this error can determined (supported by the software).

Under the conditions and circumstances described above the calibration of a master square with WYLER LEVELSOFT PRO is a rather simple procedure.

A detailed description of this procedure can be found in the manual for "LEVELSOFT PRO“