Measurement Of A Circle On A Round Table Of A Grinding Machine


A manufacturer of large ground stock has several large surface grinding machines in his workshop. The geometry of these machines has to be checked periodically and, where required, to be corrected. To solve this task professionally, the responsible maintenance department has decided to acquire a WYLER engineers set.

Measuring task / Goal :

The flatness of a rotating table of a grinding machine with a diameter of 3200 mm has to be measured. Thereby only the flatness of a circle has to be measured and not the whole table.

The measurement of geometry should be made in a quick, reliable and simple procedure ant thus with a good cost benefit effect.


From a practical point of view there are 2 different approaches:

  • if you have already a suitable measuring jig then you define the radius fitting to the jig with the help of the Software MT-Soft
  • you define the distance from the edge respectively from the center at which you would like to measure the flatness and you manufacture a jig according to the parameters defined in the software

Thanks to the wireless data transmission even such a big machine can be measured very easily and without any disturbing cables.

Scope of Delivery:

  • BlueSYSTEM with wireless data transmission, consisting of 2 BlueLEVELs and one BlueMETER SIGMA
  • Software MT-Soft with the module "circle“
  • Jig, provided by the customer